Michael Lee Architects
Shields Residence Manhattan Beach, CA
2003 Design

This addition to a 1920s era Art Deco home—originally built by a film studio for actor Ronald Coleman—dramatically rearranges the bedrooms and outdoor living spaces of the existing house to capitalize on 180 degree rooftop views. A sleek new master suite, on what was originally the roof of the old structure, now opens up to an expansive ocean view deck (which was formerly a dreary ground-level courtyard). An outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, dining area and spa, and an ocean view master shower that opens directly on to the deck, make this level the new center of outdoor life for the house. Stylistically, the new “Modern” addition on the roof compliments the existing Art Deco inspired building and provides a sculptural counterpoint to what was essentially a decorated box. Internally, a new steel and maple bridge connects the old house with the new across a two-story central family room.