Michael Lee Architects
Rogers-Sturz Residence 529 Marine Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA
2007 Design & Construction

The primary living spaces of this 2,300 square foot, two-story house are oriented toward a central courtyard that separates the garage—with a guest suite on top­—from the main house. Large sliding-glass “walls” will open to make the living room and courtyard one contiguous space. An office looks to a front-yard garden and above it the second-story master suite has its own south-facing deck. Projecting, somewhat exaggerated eaves protect the entry and master suite from the south sun and provide dynamic sculptural composition as one enters the home. An intimate entry space leads to a dramatic double-height living room with exposed structural steel and floor-to-ceiling glass. Twin stairs lined with bookcases lead to the bedrooms and become a striking wall of built-in furniture.