Michael Lee Architects
Hanson Residence 849 Avenue C Redondo Beach, CA
2011 Design

This 3,800 square foot new home sits in a somewhat typical suburban context with a street in the front and an alley in the back. The 40’ lot is also 150’ long, giving the lot and the house a very linear proportion. The house sits between a taller building to the west and a lower building to the east, and has a large street tree in front of it. The three houses together, with the tree, form a stepped massing which makes the very modern new construction blend well in the traditional neighborhood. The houses are also coincidentally very similar in color.
The owner asked for a house that maximized the indoor/outdoor relationship between the primary living spaces, and he wanted a pool. Given that the driveway was in what would normally be the rear yard, the solution was to place a lap pool along the easterly boundary in the center of the lot, adjacent to the kitchen, dining and living room spaces which open onto the pool and its patio.